KIPP Texas - Austin

KIPP Alegría Primary School

Grades Served
Grades Served 2022-23 SY PK3-4th
Founded 2020
Teachers 48
Students 745

KIPP Alegría Primary School is founded and rooted in JOY. Established in the summer of 2020, this school merges KIPP Connections Elementary and KIPP Leadership Elementary to leverage the strengths of these two school communities and launch one of the first pre-K programs in the KIPP Texas-Austin region.

The students of KIPP Alegría will build the skills to become lifelong learners, pursue social justice, and avid world citizenship. At KIPP Alegría, our KIPPsters will gain confidence not only in their ability to master their rigorous academic content, they will lead their peers in the ability to present to an audience and engage in meaningful and purposeful conversations with peers and adults.

At KIPP Alegría, we will focus on the promise we made to ALL our students. That is to provide a relevant, rigorous, and joyful educational experience in order to help them prepare to pursue the paths they choose – college, career, and beyond – so they can lead fulfilling lives and build a more just world.

Jazmine Allen

“Education means emancipation.” - Frederick Douglass

The path to true freedom begins with education and that is the path forward for KIPP Alegría under the leadership of Jazmine Allen. A Detroit native, Jazmine holds a bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education and Psychology from the University of Michigan and a master’s degree in Secondary Education Administration from the University of Detroit Mercy.

Jazmine had taught in the Dominican Republic, Prescott Valley, AZ, and in Detroit, MI before being inspired to create the liberatory experiences of which she dreamed for students who looked like her, came from similar backgrounds, or shared a similar plight. She had been a Dean of Students in Detroit, MI and an Assistant Principal with KIPP:MA before founding her own middle school in Washington D.C.

Jazmine returned to KIPP in 2021 to continue the path to liberation with Alegría, committing to leaving no stone unturned, no path unbeaten, until every KIPPster has access to a life of freedom.

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