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KIPP Texas is hiring a growing team of dedicated, certified special education teachers and support staff to join our Team & Family! Our staff provide high quality, comprehensive services and support to help advance equity and access to students with varying learning abilities.

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Valuing Our Teachers & Support Staff

Special education teachers play an invaluable role in lighting paths to opportunity for our students. We’re committed to supporting their needs and growth at every step. KIPP Texas affirms and cultivates the diverse talents and strengths of our teachers and support staff. We strive to bring joy to the workplace and show gratitude for all they bring to our communities daily.

Active Incentives for Special Education Teachers

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  • Incentive
  • 23-24 Certified Special Education Teachers (All Locations)

    $1,500 Signing Bonus & $2000 Certified Special Education Stipend

Competitive Compensation

Special Education for All

Our special education mission is to ensure full educational opportunity, services, and success for all students regardless of disability, limitation, or circumstance. We are committed to providing rigorous, thoughtful services and support so students with varying levels of ability can attend our schools.

Equitable Learning Environments
We proudly educate ALL students! We dive deep into the needs of our students to craft learning experiences that honor their strengths and backgrounds and provide them opportunities to reach their highest potential.

Advancing Access to All
KIPPsters in special education have access to the core curriculum with accommodations. We are committed to strong transition service planning, starting at the middle school level, to ensure every student has the skills and confidence to lead a life of joy and opportunity.

We analyze, reflect, and take action with services that provide the most access in the least restrictive environment. Collaboration with our families strengthens our programming while building and maintaining strong relationships and communication.

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Benefits & Perks

Working at KIPP Texas Public Schools is not just a job – it is an opportunity to build a better tomorrow through education as a part of our Team & Family. KIPP Texas is committed to ensuring our employees have healthy professional and personal lives.

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Best-in-Class Benefits

KIPP Texas offers full medical, dental and vision plans starting at $25 out of pocket for all full-time employees.

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Our Family Supports You Growing Yours

KIPP Texas provides paid parental leave to support you and your family as it grows.

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Dedicated to Your Professional Growth

KIPP Texas is a place where the learning never ends, even for teachers and staff! Our leaders are dedicated to growing and developing your skills.

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